Good morning. What are you doing today? How are you feeling?

I’m going to an appointment for the Live Well program. It’s the halfway mark for the main part of the program. I’ve only lost about 5 pounds I think. We’ll see. After that I’ll probably go to the pharmacy to pick up meds and get some bows for my sister’s birthday presents. Then I’ll walk on the treadmill and workout with resistance bands. Other than that it’s going to be a quiet day. What will you do today? How are you feeling?


Good morning leaf! Sounds like a productive day. Hope it goes smoothly for you.

Today I’ve got dishes, so many dishes. Maybe 3 loads. I try to help out around the house whenever I’m able too. But sometimes it’s hard.

Alone today, and having voices since last night, so I’m going to try my best to keep occupied one way or another. Lay low


Good morning to you!

I’m doing pretty good.

Have to go get my shot in a couple hours,

Then help my mother in law take a shower,

Do some laundry and order groceries.

It’s not too much to do, but it’ll keep me busy.


Do you get your groceries online?

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I do.

Its so much easier to have them delivered than to shop in the store,

Especially with my mother in law around.


What store do you use? Do they charge extra for that? Do you get vegetables that way? Do they do a good job picking stuff out?

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I only have one girl that’ll come all the way to my house and she always gets everything right.

I use InstaCart and the shopper goes to my local grocery store and just gets what I’ve ordered,

There’s an extra charge and you need to leave a tip for the driver.

And yes, you can get vegetables that way, you can get anything the grocery store has.


That is so cool


I’m going to walk a bit on treadmill today and run a tiny bit. Doing couch to 5k programme. Where you go from couch to 5k in 10 weeks. I also walked 10.000 steps this morning.


That sounds awesome. Good for you.

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Good morning, Leaf!

My strategy of removing myself from triggers is working. I’m having less CPTSD stuff, mostly low self-esteem. I’m thankful that I’m becoming more sensible and reasonable with my emotions now.

It’s 11:34pm in Korea right now. I’m studying, writing away in a notebook to memorize some anthropology work. My dog is snoring really loudly. Otherwise, I’m just procrastinating and studying, and vice versa.


I’ve got to make a doctor’s appointment. I’ve got little appetite and am losing weight. Also, a lot of heartburn. Wish me well.


Today so far I’ve taken the dog out for a good hour. Then I had a nap. Then I did some housework. Now I’m having a shower and then I will walk the dog again.

I’m not doing so good but managing to stay on top of things. I didn’t finish my cleaning but I will tomorrow.


I’ve just made burgers for my friend and I.
I’m not doing too well today. My psychosis is bad and I’m doped up on seroquel.

I saw the psychologist and I got a bit carried away with talking about ‘delusions’ because she is concerned about my sleep and we got talking about it.

I am waking up at night a few times interacting with my dreams. Last night I woke up frantically searching for my car keys to escape.

I am not sure if it’s hallucinations or not. I am having very real interferences with my sleep.

Work was ok. I got to leave earlier to go to my appointment.

im doing ok. thanks @leafy.
im just desperate for the loo but someone is in the shower


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I’m sorry you’re not doing too good

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I’m sorry you’re having bad dreams

I feel awesome. Today, I exercised on an indoor rower and went for several walks.
I also discovered a new method to combat intrusive thoughts.
Sometimes I wish my life was easier and more comfortable, but ultimately I am prepared to accept my life
as is.


That is great! I went to the mall and bought some sweaters for schools. I like walking around and looking at the current fashions. I had a fun time.

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