Good morning ( usa time)

What are you up to? It’s almost 11 am here. I got a shower already, did my face cream, and had breakfast.



I’m waiting on a couple packages I should be getting today. :slight_smile: An old French movie, Eyes Without A Face and a couple books.

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I hope you get them soon, Monteeee! How many years does today make?

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Haha :slight_smile: I think four years. I think lol.

That’s fabulous. Things wouldn’t be the same without you!

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Happy cakeday, @Montezuma!

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Thank you!


I really appreciate it.


I was up all night. I went to Jack-in-the-Box at 5:30 am and treated myself /wasted some money on breakfast. Now I’m eating it in the car at our local park. I’ll probably go home soon and sleep or if my new roommate isn’t there I’ll do some cleaning and take care of some business I’ve been putting off i.e. search for a cheaper internet company. Currently I’m paying $75.00 per month which seems way too high.

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It’s 5.05pm here and I’m struggling to stop yawning. Such a lazy day. I’m so bored and sluggish

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I’m probably taking it easy today. The weather is good. Yeah, I’m going to relax.


Sunday is my laundry day so that’s keeping me busy. Otherwise, the weather is beautiful and I plan a quiet day.


yeah we got a beautiful day here in Iowa too

turned the AC off, letting all the fresh air in

I’ll probably sit out on the deck later and have lunch out there


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