GOOD morning from Mother Nature


Saw this on my morning walk around the neighborhood. It brightened up my morning :grinning:

People in my area take their landscaping VERY seriously!




Sunflower in full bloom in early July? Awesome…

That is a type of Sunflower isn’t it?


Yes, it is a sunflower. This neighbor has this huge stalk of sunflowers that stand about 10-12 feet tall. There are TONS of sunflowers on it. My favorite type of flower!




Sunflowers are my favourite, too, so symbolic for me and bright and cheerful!


Thanks for sharing your sunshine with us. Here we are experiencing our fourth day of rain from Hurricane Arthur…the rains,are drowning my container garden. I had picked my first tomato yesterday…I hope the rest survives. Also the thought of someone going for a morning walk sounds great. I so much wish that I could do it too


thanks that made me smile.
take care