Good morning from Eastern Iowa

I’m back from suspension, how are you guys?

ask me anything about paranoid schizophrenia, Down syndrome, or cystic fibrosis.

I’m feeling okay, but my eyes are still messed up. not going back to the doctor, just gonna have to live with it. but scared to death to drive my car out of town, which is not good cuz I really need a new job.


My mum doesn’t have cystic fibrosis but does have bronchiectasis. She has pseudomonas and finger clubbing and all that.

When I drove cross country I found the radio stations in Iowa to be pretty robust. And I also liked the scenery a lot. Maybe I was manic but I have nothing bad to say about Iowa!!

I heard after the fact that there are many colleges there? I think I remember that. The whole trip was a blur that’s why I’m speaking so generally about an entire state.

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ohh, yeah. we’ve been told eventually it progresses that stage.

I never heard though of a non-CF’er getting pseudomonas.
Love live her, Jim. Does she have a vest?

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Welcome back girly I truly missed you
Add on: so much to catch up on

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yeah, the best time to come to Iowa, in my opinion, is the 3rd week in July.
green fields for miles, and wildflowers all along the roads.
it’s a state with many small towns, lots of pride in them too,
no idea who these towns survive.
sorry you weren’t feeling well. I get too scared to go anywhere when like that.

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Nah no vest but hast to nebulise everyday

yeah thanks. what are ya gonna buy first,
with your new money? or ya gonna save it.

Ps it is really good to see you back @Daze


@Daze. Part of it is going to bills some is gonna be the honeymoon fund and some of it is my spend money… I’m thinking I might go to hobby lobby first maybe vapor Marvin too I’m running a little low on CBD cigarettes

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@Daze. I also picked my wedding dress!

can’t say enough good things about my Ninja. ha. pricey, but worth it, perfect fruit smoothies.

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@Daze. I use to have one of those! They are amazing but I don’t make smoothies much

yeah. I’m probably much older than you, and the smoothies with my super duper powder keep me regular. ha. plus they’re yummy.

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I’m down here in Southeastern Iowa, its nice that the weather is warming up. Shame to hear about your health problems I wish you the best.

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@Daze. I have the opposite bathroom problem most of the time… :sweat_smile:

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yeah. my dog is lovin’ the trails lately, but she does get pretty muddy. it’s good fun for her. good to hear another Iowan on here.

yeah? I even broke down and bought Metamucil. maybe you should try it. I think I’m ready for AARP now. ha.

@Daze. Metamucil makes you regular I’m to regular… If you catch my drift

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ha, okay. Phil has to go 2 or 3 times in middle of night. idk, doc says it’s normal after his major surgery.

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