Good morning forum

I made coffee for my wife and myself this morning, she ended up liking the one I made for myself so I switched with her haha.
I’m going to play more tekken tag tournament today and unlock some more characters, I’ve been practicing and I’ve become fairly decent with 4 of the 32 characters available.
Life is short and then you die so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can before my time is up haha, sorry if that was a little morbid. I hope everyone has a good day today


Coffee is always a good start to the day

Yeah, I originally made myself a Columbian coffee with Mexican chocolate and caramel mix.
It’s a nice slight sweetness


What kind do you like space?

good luck
best wishes
you also have to be connected to god

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I’ll have any coffee, always black without sugar.

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Coffee and videogames? Sounds like a good Saturday to me lol

Also this sounds delicious!!


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