Good morning fellow forumers, how are you? πŸ™ƒ

I’m doing so far so good!


It is the evening already here. I am spending this Friday evening and night alone as usual. Nothing special.

I’m OK Thankyou. I’m just eating dinner after having defrosted my fridge freezer. I think the temp was too low so I put it up.

Glad ur doing good, so far.

Me too.

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My freezer defrosts itself. I am so blessed. I remember having to defrost old freezers. No fun.


I am doing great. Waiting for the evening to arrive. I am supposed to go on a fancy dinner date with my honey tonight. But it is freezing outside and my nurse who came to my apartment today to give me my depot said that the roads are slick with ice and that there are a lot of accidents outside today. If the ice doesn’t melt, we might have to cancel our date. Oh no! I was so looking forward to this.

Your dinner date sounded excellent. It is a winter time also here and I shall not ride my bicycle. Christmas is coming sooner than I expected. I wish you still could have your dinner date. It is good to socialize with other people, well I should socialize more. Just spending this Friday night alone as I usually do.

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I spend a lot of nights alone too @mjseu. It doesn’t bother me as I love my solitude. Gives me the time to do just what I want, when I want, the way I want, and for how long I want, with no one else to tell me what to do, or how to do it. I love my alone time.


watching a movie tonight? @mjseu

I’m good, had a workout with my trainer, had some mac n cheese with broccoli and now I’m having some forum for desert lol. What are you doing today?

Just wanted to make it through a movie I’m being lazy today :stuck_out_tongue:

No movies, I’ll start sleeping soon.

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Ive been working,
Now gonna read.

Peace. It’s night here and I’m in bed. My pug is snoring away.

Good afternoon @Cloudd3ad-- doing alright, just hanging out drinking some tea. Hope you are well! :slightly_smiling_face:

Doing ok. Maybe I’ll watch the mandalorian later.

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