Good morning everyone! how was your week so far?

Week so far is great. Stress free. Managed to brave the supermarket for a bit of gammon that i will boil, and got a “hi sweetheart” from the darling in the chemist picking up my weekly aps lol.

Not being funny - but im loving the uk lockdown. The supermarkets quieter - the noisy bloody night clubs shut down - and there are less knob jockeys on the streets lol.

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Congratulations on your week and on receiving that text!!! Strees free weeks are the ones i live for :blush:

I hear you there on the lockdown, i enjoy it as well

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I’m 36 and still haven’t gotten my license either. But I’ve been driving for seven years

As for my week so far? Well, I had a weekend from hell with my husband’s traumatic violent breakdown and his going to hospital.

But been with my sister since Saturday and been the happiest I’ve ever been since deciding to leave my husband. Although I love him, my marriage has been SUFFOCATING

this week been tasting absolute FREEDOM and can’t wait till its mine for good!

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I think you will do the right choises !!
HERE !!!

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I am not yelling lol, i am accentuating the word

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