Good med combo for bipolar with psychosis?

Anyone take a good med combo for this?


Buspar klonopin for me psychosis causes anxiety and potential dangerous behavior the buspar and klonopin makes my head clear again.

I take 1000 mg of Depakote to help my mood. It does a so-so job. No wait, scratch that, it does a great job. Sometimes I forget about the hell my moods put me through.

I take Haldol and klonopin currently.

Yes, I too take Haldol…30 mg/day,

Depakote is know as depabloat! I don’t want a fat pill.

I take risperidone over Haldol basically because Haldol is still the first AP that was used. It’s an old med but look up buspar I took mine on a 5 hour plane trip and it settled my nerves immensely I’m prescribed with klonopin too because this current state of mind is very stressful for me.

Risperdone made me super hungry, so I switched to Haldol. I need the klonopin too, because this life gives me panic attacks where my heart starts hurting.

I briefly go on seroquel to quickly end a psychotic episode, but quit ASAP. Lithium and lamicital seem to do a decent job keeping me from becoming super depressed or manic.

Do you have auditory hallucinations ever?

yes, I had voices and music hallucinations while I was psychotic, have only had that happen once though.

Lucky. I hear voices daily, so I think I’m sz and don’t know what this bipolar with psychosis label is.

If you are experiencing chronic Auditory Hallucinations daily and you are not displaying manic or depressive behavior, you could most likely have schizophrenia - make sure the docs know this

Latuda works as a mood stabilizer and an anti-psychotic, kills two birds with one stone,

Was a bad med for me.