Good luck for new term

Good luck to all the boys and girls with SZ who are going back to or starting new school and college years.


Well thank you @Username :smile:

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when are you starting @Minnii

October 14th, really excited :smile:

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yayyyy, good luck, let us know how it goes :yellow_heart:

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I will, I will! Thanks @waterway :blush:

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I’m starting 14 September
It’s going be harder than last year

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What you studying @Minnii

Acupunture, fitotherapy and massage

What you doing @shellys12?

I’ll make a thread

Very nice , do you want to setup yourself or work in a beautician, or could you do something in sports?

Not decided yet, but this degree gives me the ability to work as chinese medicine practitioner, so I might set up my own business.

Well acupuncture is growing in popularity , now even amongst the scientific fraternity. I definetly think its an area that will continue to grow.

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Yes, it’s really interesting. I’m interested in the way acupunture can help western medicine. Fitotherapy is also good knowledge to have.

I’m doing management degree. Don’t want to do management but it’s a degree