Good list of New Medications Coming for Mental Health

Here is a good list of new medications for mental health:


It’s good to see so many meds in research. Now if they can keep the prices down!

This list is from 2012. Great list though. However some that are showing as in phase 1 etc are now in use. Although I’m not sure what the phases mean :smile:

New medications have to go through three formal phases of testing with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA. Phase 1 is a small trial to prove basic safety, Phase 2 is a larger trial to prove basic effectiveness (does it help people) - with a few dozen people, and then Phase 3 is a large and longer term test that takes a few years typically and is designed to prove safety and effectiveness in a larger population before the new medication is put on the market.

It’s also encouraging to see more therapies being developed as well. I’m very hopeful for better prognosis with the amount of new meds being researched and the amount of education in the population and the whole approach in general.

Is there updated web site to see what schizophrenia medication is coming out?

I’m not sure if this is up to date but has a lot of info.

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Amazing to me is the amount of possibilities that come up and the actual realization of even just one of these possibilities. It also seems to cost a lot of money to prove the efficacy of any one of these possibilities.

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The Pharma list from 2014 is out now but I couldn’t post it

nothing about cannabis incidentally

Where can we find it

I couldn’t post link yet.
The 2014 list is via site.

Everything about the new medications that are in clinical trials is on our site here: