Good information

Good info! A large percentage of us do recover!


I would like to know their definition of “ completely recover.”

I feel completely recovered on Abilify, but when I have to change meds I’m likely to get symptoms again.

Feeling “completely recovered” on abilify I’m still stuck with cognitive effects. I’m in the process of taking music lessons as a test to see how my brain functions as I haven’t used it in 8 years. Im just not as quick witted as I used to be. I wouldn’t function well in a decent paying job because it takes me Too long to process information.

Maybe I’m just not part of that 28%… idk…

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Good to hear that you’re working on keeping your brain active. Like a muscle if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

Is the suicide rate really 1 in 12.5? Because I have seen conflicting numbers on this.

That does seem high but I believe it’s correct.

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