Good friends coming to visit, I'm stoked!

Every year my husband’s best friend visits from across the country.

Last year he couldn’t come because of COVID.

But this year, not only is he coming out, he’s bringing his wife!

I’m so happy.

I truly love both of them and they’re super laid back guests.

It’ll be a good week.

Been depressed so it’s nice to look forward to something.


oh I just had a wonderful visit of company from family and friends…I’m charged up just reminiscing about their visit…so happy for you !!


I’m happy for you @anon54386108 !
I’m sorry about your depression, I’m depressed too.


That’s so wonderful. I bet this is just what the Dr ordered.


Cool Rexy. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves.


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Bonus!! Happy to hear @anon54386108 . Have a great time

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I Hope you have a good time with your company :slightly_smiling_face:

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