Good food, bad food

Internet and commercial books are full of

good food and bad food.

When I eat good food I’m on cloud nine ( happy )

and when I don’t eat fruits I’m unhappy.

It’s like you have a hand but it’s phantom hand.

It’s like you want to hold something with your hand even though you

don’t have the hand.

If we have financial freedom - our/my own pocket money we could always eat the best out there in the super market.

Today I ate an Apple and I felt healthy AF.

After a while I felt too healthy so I ate entire chocolate.



I am hungry I woke up at 3 am until 6 am. Then slept an hour or 2. But I’ve pretty much been up since 3 am and haven’t eaten. There’s this nice place that used to be a hotel that serves breakfast, it’s northeast of me but they have the best homefries and its really good, trying to convince my mom to go there but shes not answering her phone :octopus:

All I have is cheerios and eggs, no milk. no bacon. no bread. no cheese. ughhhh

Fortified cereals have tons of miconutrients and I make sure to grab one or two bowls every morning. They also sell fresh melon at the supermarket & I make sure to make good use of that. I’m going to add Vitamin C tablets & Hemp+Whey protein to my diet as well. I think I need the extra aminos & vitamin C to help combat the painful side effects of my SZ. If I could be pain-free again, I could accomplish much.

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mmmmmmm…chocolate :chocolate_bar:
take care :alien:

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