Good date bad news

He’s overstayed his welcome in the UK by 12 years so he has no right to live here

That’s too bad! Is he facing deportation? Can he renew his visa?

But otherwise, did you like him?

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He’s a very nice guy he messaged me after and will call later but I don’t want to fall into this messy situation.


Bin him. Possibly a visa hunter.


Yeah, that’s what I thought…

Ahh, that’s no good. But if he’s westerner, it’s cuz we make no sense. give him a little slack.

He’s put a claim in he says but I suspect the same. He will use me for his passport. Very smart.

Feels kinda awful he only likes me for passport

yeah, been used, done that, sounds like he’s honest though. Maybe he wants you to make the final call if he stays or goes.

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Well, maybe that’s not the case. But be careful with that. How can he use you? By marriage only right? Be straightforward, tell him you don’t want to marry, slip it in the conversation. See if he stays.


Don’t assume that! He needed a passport before he met you. He can still like you regardless. But I think you’re smart to be cautious.


He said to message him as a friend but I don’t think I’ll stay in touch. I do like him after all.

i agree with everhopeful and Minnii…
you deserve better… :heart_eyes:
or at least someone who can’t be deported !?!
take care :alien: