Good cover story

So during my last delusional episode I must have contacted a humanitarian agency that I found on the Internet and probably reported the police to them in my town, one by one. Well it’s been a year but they finally called me back and left a message wanting me to “answer some questions” about my claim :grin:
That was all in the past and I recognize that I was not well, any ideas as to what to tell this lady?

Just blame it on the paranoid…

Yea but I gotta call them back and tell them something. I don’t know if I want to say that I was paranoid. I was thinking something like I wasn’t thinking clearly or something to that effect.

You could just say you have sz and was having a hard time…and say my bad…

Yea it’s not like she can do anything to me. She didn’t sound like she was taking the call seriously anyway

I don’t think I’d bother phoning them back MG1… they can’t have taken your claims too seriously if they waited a year to reply.


Yea you won’t have to deal with her any more…just sound serious when you say my bad…she probably won’t even ask any more questions…I bet its a short call…

Ok @flameoftherhine. I’m gonna go ahead and take your advice. I hope it’s a short call. Thanks @Prospero it sure has been a long time. I was wondering where they were at the time, maybe they are just backed up, or maybe they don’t take those seriously. Who knows.

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I hope it goes well…and they don’t send the ninjas after you…lol joking the last real ninja retired a couple years ago…

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Maybe just call them back and politely tell them to disregard your claim. I wouldn’t recommend giving them any other details beyond that, nor would I recommend disclosing any of your medical information or history.


Done! That was sketchy. Thanks @Moonbeam. Great advice. It was pertaining to abuse that I thought I was suffering, that I really wasn’t😓. She was polite but stern on the other end of the phone and sounded concerned. They did persist but I assured her that it had been handled and all was ok.
Yikes! Psychosis is a terrible thing.
Now I’m expecting amnesty international to call next as I think I tried to contact them too.