Good and bad both for me

So. AFter I ran around like a nut past two months my mother to ultrasounds, and doc apointments, and biopsy etc they are not going to treat her for hepatitis as it is not affected her liver enough yet, which is good but if it gets worse then maybe it can be paid for. Hurry up and wait. My online class started yesterday and the access codes to the online shell don’t work from the textbooks so I only have a book and no instruction and the book was expensive. My son is enrolled in a research study now for kids with asthma so now in addition to all his appointments is more to do and more appointments but it really is a good thing. STill working my part time job, eight weeks now that’s good I guess but hoping to eventually find something related to my schooling. My cat has asthma too and is doing better. So, good news and bad news.

SZ? I am probably paranoid but going to ask my pdoc to test me for hepatitis though I shouldn’t have it that is not to say I didn’t borrow a razor or something twenty years ago and well she don’t know when she got it she says. As well, my therapist called me one day left a message they are hiring peer support workers at case management I should apply. I didn’t want to, I don’t want a mentally ill only person’s job for some reason. I’m ok I guess. tAking my meds, do the best I can.


Wow-you have got a lot on your plate! I would not be able to keep up!
You should get tested for the hepatitus. . A lot of people have it and dont even know it....Dont even know where they got.
good luck with your online class. Hope you are taking time out for yourself too!

Yeah, if you even SUSPECT you have it, if I were you, I would get tested. My vet lowered the dose on my cats asthma medication. My cat hasn’t coughed in a year. And I’m using the cheap medication I get through the mail from Canada.
Congratulations on the job.