Gonna try chantix log

So today I’m gonna pick up chantix starter pack to try and quit smoking.

I’ll be honest I’ve tried this before and quit after 2 days because it was hard to tolerate.

This time I want to see it through because actually quitting outweighs everything else.

So here is my log. :slight_smile:


Best of luck with it all!


I don’t know how to spend enough money so I think I’ll keep smoking about 3 packs A day

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3 packs a day??? :flushed:

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it worked wonders for me and didn’t even finish the course.

Good luck with it as it’s such a good thing to do. Nicotine is a nasty chemical simply for it’s addicitive properties. I think that cancels out any bonus you get for concentration etc.


I know that starting to smoke is stupid and not quitting is stupid aswell.
But if you cannot eat your money up and don’t drink or do drugs. Why not smoking.

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Just took my first dose. Was pretty scared to not gonna lie since it’s kinda a bad time being out of my anxiety meds, etc but no excuses will have to deal with that when I can.

@roguetwo yeah I read it blocks the nicotine receptor so that you don’t get pleasure from it anymore. I also know that it has no nicotine so you can ease into quitting and I also like that.

Shoulda picked up some melatonin and I forgot to. Gonna possibly be a rough night xD

@Niels_Hansen so many reasons.

Wrinkley skin
Lumg cancer
Ruined arteries
Increased risk stroke
Yellow teeth
Smelly hands and breath
Cost of packs per day
Gum disease

I’m sure I could think of more but you get the idea lol

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Spoken like a true addict. Yeah. was one myself and smoked a pack a day over 25 years.

It’s a nasty drug and it’s highly addictive and taxed to heck out here. I couldn’t afford to smoke on disability but still have friends who still smoke and they are poor.

I came out the other side and there’s no useful purpose to it as I say. The positives are lost in it’s addictive properties and there’s better drugs out there if you really want to look at it. Shtie. I enjoy my coffee these days and I’m not tearing my hair out simply because I haven’t had one for an hour.

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Good luck with it.

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Thanks Aziz. Tolerating it way better this time I think fingers crossed.

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What about NRT like gum and patches how much does that cost in Australia?

It’s still expensive but that is the problem. Never could get off like many on nicotine replacement. Champix doesn’t work for everyone but it does work and it was so easy. Had a bit of discomfort early but just got to quit date and it was all too easy.

I got off in 2009 and don’t miss it. Yeah you have a drink or your friends smoke but I know I have one I’ll feel sick but I have 10 I’m a hopeless addict again.

I choose not to be an addict anymore and it’s much easier and my wallet agrees.


Nicotine patches worked really well for me but I couldn’t wear for more than an hour at a time and never more than 2 days. I’d also smoke on them so big yikes. But everyday I tried id quit for 5 days after… Strange.

Cold turkey is how I did it 5.5 years ago
Wasn’t easy
But I was vaping at that point before I quit

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Day 2. Waves of good/bad feelings. Was sweating a little today, that’s about only side effect.

They said to give it 8 days to quit, might try sooner.

Things I noticed, when I woke up in the middle of night to use the bathroom I didn’t want one that’s good. Also I didn’t wake up and go for one either. Showered and ate first, good sign I think.

2pm and I’ve only had 2 today, they weren’t as satisfying. Usually ida had around 4-5 by now.