Gonna trade in my iPhone

AT&T offering $1,000 Trade in. Makes it practically zero cost.

Well - tax and activation fee still applies. That’s the scam.


Which model do you want from the new line up?

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Which iPhone are you trading for $1000?

13 mini - Last year traded in an X for 800 - and they gave me the 13 mini for $799.

Almost the exact offer this year except its $1,000 credit for trade in.

ChoosingiPhone 14 Pro 256gb because it is $1099.
Won’t be 100% free but close.

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I think it’s funny most of us are on disability and want an iPhone 14 by the looks on this forum. We’re only human I guess.


I was planning on holding onto my current model.
But the offer is practically free.

@Jonathan2 I do think that is funny too and true we are human and these devices are just as helpful useful to us as it is to anyone else.


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