Gonna quit vaping

Think it might be giving me gum disease.

Have got nicotine gum so will use that for 12 weeks.


I don’t know what the story with vaping and gum disease is.

I use this mouthwash every day which prevents gum disease

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Don’t think it effects everyone but my gums have been bleeding lately.

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Could be I guess, though I thought vaping was supposed to take out all the harmful chemicals that caused effects like that, so you can be addicted to nicotine safely! Lol.

Have you been flossing and brushing regularly?

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It might help if you stepped down the nicotine dose. i’ve heard stories that high doses of nicotine can give gum, teeth and mouth trouble :confused:

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Well my quitting vaping lasted 45 minutes!


Vaping still contains carcinogens so over time it will hurt your gums and lungs. :sunny: