Gonna master the art of sleeping

whos with me? all about diet and timing with supplementation


I keep saying I will, but then I go to bed past midnight. Hmm, tonight will be the night though! (watch me try to sleep, then decide to do something time consuming like reading Homer’s Odyssey…) What is a good time to go to bed anyways??? 10:30?

Like eating a **** ton of carbs before bed. Someone told me to avoid carbs because they make you lethargic/drowsy. I was like orly. /eats bag of oreos

Sleep is for comfort. Rest is for health. I go to bed about 10:15. If you can, leave several hours between when you eat and when you lie down. Otherwise, you’ll end up with gas in the morning. Take your medication at bedtime. It might make you drowzy. You might sleep longer than you ordinarily would. I get about four hours of sleep at night, five if I’m lucky.