Gonna have to give up the smoking - is effecting my mh

I think the tobacco is reducing my quetiapine. It says online it does this. I have been very anxious these last 6 weeks because I think the quetiapine has been crapping out.

Cold turkey is the only way I have been able to do it in the past.

Not sure if it is the nicotine or other substances in tobacco that effect quetiapine so gonna try cold turkey rather than switching to vaping.

Wish me luck!


Best of luck @Jimbob . I hope you can do it.

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Good luck, @Jimbob!

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Good luck :star: 155

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You can do this!

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Good luck. You can do it

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Obviously cold turkey does not work for you if you’re still smoking.

Stop smoking aids are proven to increase your chances of quitting permanently.

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You can try asking for nicotine gums, those can help break an addiction. Also there are some research showing nicotine improves cognitive function in schizophrenia