Golf swing

How’s your golf swing? I’ve only gone to the driving range once. My form was terrible. I don’t even know how to describe it.


i’ve been told i have a baseball swing. about a year ago though i found an old muscle back iron and was hitting it perfectly, any direction i choose i was putting it right on the money. i was best at driving off the tee, i would torque and really swing hard, my longest drive was 290 yards to 300 yards with roll, i probably hit about 50% of fairways off the tee. that was at 142 pounds when i was working on a golf course. i don’t think i will ever play again though, because im just really low energy now and don’t particularly enjoy it. my lowest score was shooting in the 90’s. i had a horrible short game. but my typical score for 18 holes was about a 110.

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That’s not too shabby. I once won a round of mini golf. That’s about as far as my golf skills go. I’ll probably go to the driving range again. I’m sure I can improve.


im decent. Its tricky to try and not kill the ball but instead do it smoothly.

My short game isn’t too bad. I always slice off the tee though. I like the game but dislike playing morning tee times as you end up being pushed by the people behind you.

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My whole form was bad. There was no smooth about it. I just swung for the fences.

ah yeah it takes practice.
i think my dad wanted me and bro to be golfers. When we were really young we had custom mini 9 irons. We would go to the driving range with him

I’m accurate with my irons but distance isn’t good. My driver I have a wicked slice and it’s not good.

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