Goldfish Man

Something the psychologist my family sent me to see when I was fourteen told me:

He told me once about how he did his internship at a veterans hospital where he met a man who had suffered severe brain damage in the Vietnam war. He told me that he would sit down and talk to this man for an hour but due to the nature of his brain damage if you literally left the room after speaking to him for an hour he would introduce himself all over again with no memory of having met you. I guess he could remember his name and his life before his injury but had no ability to retain any concept of having had a brain injury that affected his memory. The psychologist then after having told me this story said to me “Dude you remind me of this guy…every session with you is like the first session with you.”

I guess this came up because I’m having the same problem with my current therapist. Every session is like the first session. We make no progress. We talk about the same things over and over again and I think she has already realized this and doesn’t quite know where to go with me. I don’t quite know where to take things myself as every time I walk into her office and sit down my mind goes blank and stupidity takes over and I don’t know how to break out of whatever it is.

I had a similar problem. I was at a private psychiatric hospital in Dallas. I felt like if they just observed my behavior for a little while they could tell a large part of what was bothering me. I didn’t know how to breach deep topics with my doctor. Maybe I was evading something.

It might help if you write things down. I’ll have to do that the next time I see a GP.