Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade

What are you drinking?

The blood of my enemies, unwillingy given.


:blowfish: is that cauldron starting to bubble? :snake:

I’m on a diet, so just drink water during the day. I do have 3 coffees with milk though during the day.

That golden bear lemonade with Strawberry sounds delicious though! :stuck_out_tongue:

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IT IS!!! :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:

Now I have to drink something. Orange juice with bubbles.

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Bubbles the Power Puff Girl?

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Sugar and spice and everything nice :heart:

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For some reason, recently I have been drinking alot of diet Vernor’s ginger ale. Must be nostalgia—I remember drinking regular Vernor’s as a kid.

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I love vernors

15 characters for the original ginger soda

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