Gold Rush Show Anxiety

I get anxiety from the Gold Rush show from machines breaking down constantly. Like I can’t trust those machines to run reliability. Which makes me think I can’t trust my car or electronic devices. Hate this feeling. Or practically any show/movie with things that break down. Just causes me to worry about my own stuff. Does this happen to anyone too?

A person I follow has been caring for a kitten who came down with panleukopenia. It normally has a 95% fatality rate in unvaccinated, immune-compromised kittens, but this one looks like she’s going to pull through.

My 92 year old grandpa was just exposed to a pretty virulent strain of influenza, which has run wild through my sister’s family. And my partner just had an appointment with her oncologist yesterday, while even Newsweek was reporting that astrologers said that yesterday was the unluckiest day of the year.

My dog had her last eye removed on Monday, and now is blind. Yesterday, her eye socket started unexpectedly leaking blood.

None of these things are related, but they all came together to make me feel as if I needed to physically defend my loved ones. I felt like I had to gather up my family and my pets and hide them from what’s hunting them, and I felt like I needed armor and a sword to fight it.

Anyway, I’ve never seen Gold Rush, but watching this kitten get sick with a deadly virus kicked off several days of irrational fear for me. So I kinda get where you’re coming from.


Yeah that stuffs gets to me what I watch and read. I’m the type that believes it can happen to me then I add my imagination and it can get hairy. So sometimes I have to avoid or limit things such as the news depending how I’m feeling.

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