Gold in the hills of Eagle Rock, CA

After about a year away from cbd-rich cannabis, I decided to throw myself into the cbd world again, this time with a research collective in the Los Angeles area known as the Cornerstone Collective. Today was my second visit to the collective and I decided to pick some more cbd rich flowers to sample. I am giving the Harlequin strain a trial run and also picked up in an house grow called Blueberry OG. Was told that they are Indica strains, more for relaxation than a cerebral high.

I medicated about half an hour before attending my friend’s baseball game. I’ll just say I had a good experience (I wasn’t high!) with a nice body buzz with a tinge of cerebral stimulation. I encourage anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area to give their products a try. The strain did not throw symptoms into outer space, I repeat: it did not exacerbate any of my symptoms. Instead, a nice, relaxed feeling with a pervasive calm.

The great thing about the collective is that one has to apply to the collective based on the severity of the illness or issue you are treating. I told them that I was sz and they go by experience of what strains and oils might be helpful. I told them that I enjoy the ritual of smoking and no problem! They recommended three strains with a 2:1 cbd to thc ratio. I’ve tried all three and they are magnifico! They pride themselves on pesticide-free, mold-free cannabis with no impurities. If smoking isn’t your thing, they have tinctures and oils at the ready. After searching for about five years, I think I finally found the cannabis I have been looking for. Not since my travels to Denver have I been so excited! I share this information readily and freely, because let’s face it, 99% of the pot out there is not for people with sz. Eureka, I have discovered gold in the hills of Eagle Rock, California!

I would be to scared to smoke even with 2:1 ratio, it would have to be near zero % for me to even consider it, what meds are you on?


olanzapine 20mg

If you decide to sample cbd, remember not all pot is created equal. I’ve consumed cbd rich pot that have sent me into a tizzy, others that have given me headaches, still others that have left me vowing that i’d quit for good. This collective is a bit unique in that they charge you a consultation fee with each visit. You get better service and their bud is clear of impurities and effective. I am quite sure I won’t be visiting the ‘pop-up’ dispensaries- they just don’t compare to Cornerstone. Their website:

Strains I’ve sampled:

I’ve tried MJ twice before and didn’t really care for it. The first time it made me semi-psychotic. I felt trapped in a time loop and kept having phrases repeat in my head. It was unpleasant.

cbd is nonpsychoactive and acts as a thc equalizer meaning you get the medicinal benefits of the cbd with minimal thc intake. obviously, all this is not an exact science, but it is fun. more importantly, it gives me a hope for a better tomorrow. god taketh-away and god giveth. Hooray!

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Hopefully they’ll finally legalize MJ all across USA. The war on drugs is madness!

thank goodness for our pres. please people, vote your conscience at what needs to be changed! let us get cbd to sz folks who want to see if cbd can be incorporated into their recovery. having the opportunity leaves me blessed, once again!