Going to visit the boyfriend's grandmother

I’ve never met her before, and I’m really scared to meet her. I worry overmuch about peoples’ impressions of me, and I really want her approval. So I’m quietly freaking out about the visit. I mean, I’m doing pretty well as far as managing my symptoms goes, so I’m not too worried about causing a scene, but being transgendered, there’s always the fear of a bad reaction there. I have no idea what her opinion is on trans people, she doesn’t know I’m trans yet, but I’m scared that she’ll figure it out and will hate me for it. My boyfriend assures me that everything will be fine, but I can’t help but worry. We’re going in about 2 hours, and I’ve been obsessively checking my hair, my outfit, everything to make sure I look okay. I just really hope this visit goes well, we’re planning on getting married and I want his family to like me. Wish me luck!


I know by the time you get back and read this, the visit will most likely be over.

I do wish you luck… I hope it goes well. But I have a feeling you won’t need luck…

You are kind, knowledgeable about a lot of stuff and very talented.

I have a feeling it will go very well.

Wishing the best for you.

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That’s why you’re the BEST FOR HIM.

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I know you’ll do fine. She is lucky to have you with her grandson. You are a very strong and kind person. If you’ve already been there I’m sure you hit it out of the park.

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I think you don’t have to please every his family member, just being polite and kind is enough. You will do it well, I believe.

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Well, nothing exploded! Even though an aunt and two cousins were also there, which I didn’t find out about until we were halfway there, I was able to maintain composure and be friendly. I THINK they like me, though I can’t be sure. I know his grandmother does, at least. So yay!


Of course they like you. You seem to be a very nice person - and they see this

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