Going to turn in job application!

Diagnosed with early onset Schizephrenia few months ago as well as my sister a few months before that. First month spent drinking wine and trying to deal with my little new baby is most likely going to inherent this. She is currently 8 months. We need the extra cash and I am nervous as hell because in the passed I abused drugs and got criminal charges. I feel no one will hire me because of that especially because I will not lie and I always tell my story. Always figured the right person would hire me but I can’t afford to wait for that right now. All I want is what’s best for my daughter and staying at home all the time with her while going threw trial and error Meds and doses doesn’t seem best for her right now. I want this job and despite these feelings are more confident then ever. Even considered opening with I’m Krystyna and I want to work here. Please send positive thoughts/prayers. Whatever you got.


Good luck with the job hunting.

If it’s not to be have you thought about volunteering. I find that It gives me self worth and has helped to rebuild my social skills!

I guess if you need money: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Money-Fast

Or even how to double yourslef to a million!

Good luck Saywhaat.

Thanks to everyone who sent sweet things. Job interview went really well. Find out next week if I get it or not. I was even social while I was there. It was hard but I forced myself to talk to the others waiting for an interview.