Going to try and pick up selling house designs again

I started sketching out some designs with roof plans and front elevations and I think I could maybe sell some of these to the local contractors and then the ones they pick I could do working drawings and make prints and start selling booklets of designs online…what do you think?


Sounds like an amazing idea. Nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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Sounds great to me. Have you done work as an architect?

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yes I have an architectural degree…never got licensed but designed many homes before I fell ill to sz…just a whim right now…but I am excited about the possibilities if they like my designs…


That would be perfect work for you! Good luck!

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Off grid living is a thing. Maybe one room cabins for off-grid to start with?

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Good luck, sounds like a realistic plan

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Yeah, they developed new security for the local bottleshops. I want to sell them for $10000. But i didn’t got far.

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