Going to try and get a haircut tomorrow

Tomorrow will be one week since my second Pfizer shot. I’m feeling down, so I should probably get out of my apartment. I’ll go to my psychiatric care provider first and call to see if my barber has an appointment tomorrow. If not I’ll try for Monday. It’s going to rain Friday, so I don’t want to go out.


I am growing my head hair eventhough I am a bit bald. Usualy I shave it completely to 0.

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I don’t really want to shave it completely off. My brother-in-law does as like you has bald spots.

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Bad idea. Takes two weeks for Pfizer to develop the necessary antibodies.


Thanks @velociraptor

I got my hair cut today, and didn’t remove my mask. My barber worked around it. He wanted to trim my beard, but I told him not today. He said he would do it next time.

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