Going to the park

Me and my bro are going to take my three year old niece to the park.

I can hardly look at her sometimes, she just has no idea what we are doing here and what is going to happen to her.

It’s one of the saddest things i’ve ever seen in my life, she is just so happy and it’s going to crush her, but that is only if she makes it long enough for it to.

And she is going to get robbed on top of that.

Earth, quite possible the saddest thing to have ever existed, and the most frightening on top of that.

Some people grow up and live decent lives. Some people actually enjoy life. How do I know? Because I see it in my own family. And if you think way back before you got sick, didn’t you laugh, smile, and have good times?If not you, at least how about your friends? I know I did. We tend to look at the world through our own experiences. Not everybody is miserable. I’m not saying that everyone will escape, suffering, loneliness, heartbreak etc. But for some people it balances out with good times. My sister has had a million great experiences. I couldn’t list them all.She’s traveled, been in love, been to a thousand parties and concerts. Just so MANY life experiences which I was lucky enough to partake int oo over the years. I forget(and you may too) that while we are spending our schizophrenic lives isolated and in our own little worlds that there are people who are OUT there doing all that life has to offer. Your niece may have a great life. Not a 100% good. But a life.


It may seem like a cliche to say that happiness is a choice but recently I have been discovering just how true that can be. Life is full of hardships but it is also full of beauty. Without the hardships we would not appreciate the good and the beauty. Every day I can make the choice to look at the negative things in my life or the positive. Hearing my son laugh is worth… I can’t even think how to explain except it makes it all worth it. Seeing his smile light up his face can erase a weeks worth of hardships. Knowing that one day he will experience love. Yes he may get his heart broken but if he didn’t he wouldn’t know how special that love is and the next time he falls in love he will appreciate it all the more. Try not to see the hardships that your niece may have to face but instead just look at her smiling face and share in her happiness. If we could all look at the world through a child’s eyes we just might see how beautiful it can be.