Going to the doctor

Found there is a place in town that will evaluate me and give me meds. Couple miles from my house. Gonna ask to be put on prolixin at a higher dose than what I’m on. Sounds like a good drug that doesn’t mess with hormones. Worth a try.

They set me up with an appointment within 24 hrs of the call. Almost able to handle emergency situations. Much better than the ER/hospital situation.

Hoping prolixin will narrow the highs and lows of psychosis. Give me predictability in my life.

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Sounds like a good fit for you. Hope you click with the staff.

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Sounds like good news - wish you the best with everything!


good luck :four_leaf_clover:
take care :alien:

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Woke up 4 hrs ago. 5 1/2 more hours until the appointment. Don’t even know what to do. I’ve already shaved, done dishes, had a shower, hung out with my cat, aired up the tires on my car, bought some sunglasses, drove all over, music playing the whole time… Bored as ■■■■ now. People are just waking up.

It sounds like the new place is working out for you. Congratulations. I’m glad you found a clinic near by.