Going to tell my Psychiatrist about my paranoia today

So, I am not sure if this goes here but whatever.

So I am deeply ashamed that I have paranoia about getting in trouble for taking bathroom breaks at work.

I try not to take too many but I sometimes (well more like always) think that AP (Asset Protection) is watching me at work and they are going to call me to the AP office and fire me for taking bathroom breaks, or going to the break room to my locker for less than two mins to take Tylenol for my back.

I know that this is probably crazy as they would have to watch me all night but I still get paranoid about it.

I also sometimes talk to the daytime Apparel Associates (I do Overnight Apparel at Walmart) and I am scared of getting in trouble for that too, but one of them is really old and I don’t think she has many people to talk to so I would feel bad for stopping. I only talk for a few mins.

Like the dread I get is awful, and I am hearing voices again too so I have a emergency appt with my Psychiatrist today at 3pm so hopefully this helps.

I have never told anyone about this so this is kinda scary.

Edit: Also, if it matters I have a dx of Psychotic Depression.


It’s good you’ve decided to be honest. If they don’t know what’s really going on in your head, they can’t help you :slight_smile:


That’s very true.

At least getting this out should help!

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It did help to get it all out

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