Going to stop my injection for a while

I’ve decided to stop my Invega injection for a while. I have risperdone pills if i have symptoms. Going to try relying on my AD.

Now, I know the risk for mood symptoms and psychosis. BUT, I can’t keep going this way. I have no motivation or energy. My house is disgusting. I can’t enjoy anything. I mean, I love having no psychotic symptoms most of the time. Life is just so blah now.

If I need to go back on I will.


Dont do it @anon4362788 . I’ve tried it before. ADs aren’t going to do what APs are designed to do. If you stop your injection, that means you’ll be off for a month, no?

Dont do it, not worth it.

Have a smoke and just chill out (if you smoke)

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Seems like a really big risk.

Can’t you ask your pdoc to lower the dose and start there,

If you have no symptoms just keep going down?

I tried to do that a couple times and it didn’t work out.

I will say, I understand what you mean by feeling “blah”.

I’m much more flat and joyless on aps,

But they do keep me from going totally cray,

So there’s that.


Maybe try wellbutrin?

The problem with coming off meds is this :

1st month honeymoon period : “wow this is great”

2nd month : This isn’t so good but I can put up with it

3rd month : I can fly so I’ll jump off a building as I’ve completely lost insight.

More or less.


Wellbutrin is no good for SZ. It’s what the “normies” take to be stimulant junkies.


If I recall correctly, you said before that you need the highest dose of the Invega Sustenna injection, the lower dose didn’t work for you enough. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go off your injections then, you won’t have any room to go up if your previous dose is no longer effective. You could create a big problem. And an AD is not going to work like an AP does.

You still have the sza, you need to take your meds for it. I know it’s hard, but that’s just the way it is. I’d take blah over psychosis any day. Don’t forget what that was like, you don’t want to go back to full blown psychosis, or back to a hospital!

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It was recommended here for me with invega, but I went with prozac because of depression

I really don’t understand why pdocs dish out Wellburtrin to SZ patients. It makes no sense. I know were not all the same but it aggravate symptoms of psychosis.


I tried it, but it made me really anxious like I was when I took ritalin.
My current stim on the other hand just helps me with focus, energy and battling negative symptoms. I don’t know why I can take a stim and others cannot. I guess I just have the right chemistry.

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You guys don’t understand how much “blah” is impacting my life. I do nothing. As a wife, mom, home maker you cannot be that way. If anyone came in my house they’d be sickened. Its that bad.

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I’m in your boat in a way. I could tolerate cups of coffee, chew on many nicotine lozenges, and pretty much stim myself and still feel alright (not like crazy stim amount)

But for the life of me I couldn’t ever handle a psychostimulant or any other stimulant medication for that matter.

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I drink coffee but I notice that the caffeine kinda makes me irritable. Ritalin made me very angry, adderall made me so messed up I constantly picked at my skin. But dexedrine at a low dose works for some reason.

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i hope you stay on them @anon4362788 where they working for you before? maybe youre just in a rut. take some time and think about it…

Honestly if you quit your ap you might end up in a hospital where you won’t be doing much either.

I am on the same med as you. But I take a lower dose 50 mg. Maybe just slowly try to lower it. I cook and clean no problem.

I tried stopping meds in 2012 of course I didn’t even believe I was sick then so at least you have that going for you. I didn’t make it months I was in an ER in less than 5 days.

Had the scariest hallucinations ever. I thought it was real while they were happening. It’s a long story. I have shared it a time or two. It was really bad but I was locked up when it happened so I was safe.

I take the maximum dose of Geodon and a small dose of Latuda and I work full time and do all the housework. My wife isn’t psychotic but does have social anxiety but she won’t clean anything.

My house isn’t spotless but I do the dishes, laundry and vacuum up the dog hair. Occasionally I will dust and clean the bathrooms. I keep the litter boxes clean and take out the trash. My wife complains it’s not clean enough and wouldn’t let me invite anyone over for the 4th of July and says we are ghetto but she certainly isn’t going to clean anything. It’s acceptable to me. Ghetto fabulous I guess.

If it weren’t for APs I couldn’t do any of it. I would be institutionalized.

You need to think about this some more but if I didn’t know I would relapse for certain I would try too.

Good luck if you decide to do it.

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Don’t do it @anon4362788.
The chances of you becoming psychotic are pretty high.

Did you talk to your psychiatrist about it? If they ok it, then yeah just be careful and you have the risperidone on hand just Incase

I haven’t but i plan on it.