Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


Zyprexa, abilify, etc are ok


ask your doc to be sure @GentleSoul


GOOD LUCK @GentleSoul :slight_smile:


hi in order to replace anti psicotic phil need to take 800mg for day from cbd from the canabis himself with the active effective not hemp


8:29 a.m. PT May 4, 2018

DENVER (AP) — A federal appeals court sided with the Drug Enforcement Administration and upheld its decision that CBD is a Schedule 1 controlled substance — a major setback for the American hemp industry.

The decision, issued Monday by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, means that hemp producers can only sell cannabidiol where it is allowed under state law.

It also means that states that allow CBD — even if they don’t allow the sale of high-THC marijuana - are violating federal law, the same as states that allow recreational cannabis.

CBD producers who brought the case vowed to appeal.

Brubeck and a cannabis lawyer who worked on the case said the DEA decision isn’t a total setback. The court noted that the 2014 Farm Bill allows states to experiment with hemp policy, giving CBD producers some protection if they can prove their products were legally produced.

CBD production and the DEA rule “can coexist for those growing and processing industrial hemp pursuant to the Farm Bill,” he said.


Update? What dose are u currently on? Have u lowered meds?


He is wrong there are 5 times more people get schizophrenia if they have cannabis and are susceptible at all
he was saying that one in 100 have a slightly psychotic experience on it sometimes really not a very informed person
I’m open to ideas but he’s not honest or informed
One or the other


My dose is too low i need to get utpo 40 mg, im at 20 mg 5 drops twice daily

i feel its effect, works on positive negative and cognitive symptom already


I havent lowered meds, i do get less side effects from other meds and more energy


@GentleSoul why dont u buy oil urself… are u waiting for its effect…


I am a bit scared to be honest. Cannabis, hemp, CBD, it all freaks me out.


Hi GentleSoul to be honnest im not a drug abuser but must admit i tried it once a decade ago i smoked a joint because i was interested if i would feel better, a nightmare happened, i got severely psychotic for 10 hour, CBD doesnt contain THC and does the opoosite effect for me. i dont respond to any anti psychotic for negative or cognitive symptoms well see how it end i will report back


Ah well. Looks like you’re getting a placebo effect.


dislike everhopeful, dislike! not true


They were using 600mg a day in the study…


@jeroenp keep taking it for 2 or 3 month…
We want to see its effect in long run.


Yes im upping my dose


It already helps


Subscribing 1515


im upping my dose to 28 mg today. the target dose for schizo is 40-1000 mg, i already feel its effect on depression, the maximum they are allowed to give is 160 mg legally the company cibdol said in an email not 1000 mg i wonder why they used such a large dose in that study. thats $30/day and an entire bottle cibdol a day i would freak out and propably an legally overdose of cibdol :s , well see what dose will work effectivly at the end or not.

its already taking away depression and has anti psychotic effects at this dose.
im going for the 40 mg i can hold this dose for 23 days. thats 10 drops in morning and 10 drops in evening at 4% cbd = 2 mg per drop