Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


Have u started lowering ur meds?


the benzo is still needed at low dose 1 mg twice daily that is clonazepam, and beta blocker is needed


No AP? 1514131211



abilify injected


1000 mg is too much


1000mg is a therapeutic dose though.


thats a whole cibdol bottle a day im not going to do that, they dont even allow it 160 mg is max in drops


How many drops/mgs per day are u going to work ur way up to?


40 mg upto 1000 mg yes thats what a reliable site said for schizophrenia


Plus the fact that u are on Abilify Inject should be accounted for.


I know but how much are u going to take?


i am building my dose up slowly like my psychiatrist suggested


Building it up to how much?


as much is needed and allowed so 40 mg im half way



Could u remind me how long ago u started and at what dosage? Like 1 drop a day on day 1 then 2 drops on day 2 etc…?


1 week and 5 days now i started with 1 drop twice daily building up to 4 but now going up to 5 because that seem to start giving an anti psychotic effect


everyone is different you need to start slowly it should not have adverse effects and its not toxic i take other meds too as you know


just dont mix it with seroquel or XR i dont think its good


the pharmacy told me