Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


You and me both mate.


my schizo is improving cognitive and negatively for now, a week on very low dose
my muscle cramps from the previous geodon (ziprasidone) ■■■■ med are getting better too sometimes for now
i dont blink as much :s


Great!! Keep us updated.


Ok I will GentleSoul :slight_smile:

Hey, @far_cry0 its helping for negative symptoms too and cognitive a bit for now, but i am on a very low dose 16 mg not even 40mg-1000mg <— i think these researchers gave too much, i would freak out


Good going Jeroen…!!! Have a nice day and keep us updated…!!!


Hey everyone and the Sexiest man alive! : ) , i went into therapy to get my also abilify 400 mg shot, the CBD is helping cognitive and against negative symptoms i am on a low dose, i feel an stable anti psychotic effect from the CBD, my friend from USA Alan said its not a quick fix people think overnight, but its definatelly helping. its also helping positive symptoms paranoia, and not making it worse atm.


Good going jeroen…!!! Keep us updated…!!!


its definatelly no placebo its potent, ive tried every atypical anti psychotic in the book, all it gave me was sedation and bad side effects


Okay cbd drugs are effective…!!! Keep taking it… it might be just better then ur abilify


i think it is better then abilify : D


Echo pharma is developing cbd based antipsychotic…!!!


im not sure im going for that if something works why modify it chemically add stuff to it… im not sure what to say about it sorry


Ok …!!! As u wish…!!!


hey @far_cry0 that doesnt mean we cant talk about it or forbidden… do you have a link ?


I take CBD 10 mg in capsule form every morning. It greatly helps with my anxiety and with my arthritis pain. And for all I know, it helps with my sza as well because I have no positive symptoms and my cognitive and negative symptoms are minimal.



Have u seen @jeroenp…??? Its in phase 1…!!!


hey @far_cry0 yes ive seen it :slight_smile:


5 to 7 yrs more… fu ck…!!!


yes indeed not normal