Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


“Full Spectrum vs. Isolate
CBD oil is produced in one of two forms: full spectrum and isolate. CBD isolate, which is made up of more than 99% CBD, was once considered the gold standard. After all, it is the CBD which has the positive health effects we’re looking for.”


my depression is and it was untreatable i dont tolerate SSRI like seroxat, sipralexa.
some cognitive improvement and negative symptoms but its too early to tell, but i am on low dose CBD i am building it up to 40 mg the schizo dose i already feel an anti psychotic effect but like i said i need to increase my dose

5 days on it


I refuse to touch any part of the cannabis plant.


What about ur sleep are u sleeping any better?


I feel the same way u do. Cannabis is just bad news.


just woke up slept like a baby


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I’ve noticed some dry mouth the day after I use it but it goes away a couple hours after I wake up. I’ve found that using it regularly can make me feel a bit down and cranky but that could have to do with the dosing. I have only used a topical balm for pain and therefore can be using more than I can tolerate. I want to try something a bit more controlled for sz symptoms. It’s effective in very small doses and can help relax a lot of chatter in my brain.


I’m taking 5 drops twice daily at 4% cbd right now not even a week, when does it really kick in I already feel improvement sometimes


So u have not tried it by mouth?


This should work pretty well CBD is great for a lot of stuff. I only took one dosage but yeah it was great.


What sort of symptoms has it helped?


No but it’s something I’m looking into. I started using it for pain so I bought a topical cream. My pain is mostly neuropathic and a result of dystonia from meds


What is CBD therapy? When is Lumateperone coming into the market? I expect it to revolutionize the whole Schizophrenia therapy.


hi here in israel is illigal to recive the real cbd from the need to get a licence to this and the psiciatrics dont allow this to schizophrenia only to people with ptsd(post-traumatic stress disorder)


Hi bro … i think it will take less then a year to be marketed in The U.S.

May be 3 to 5 years in india…!!!