Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


It may very well help with negatives. I just am unsure because I have more positive symptoms than negative. Maybe that is because I take it? I find it helps with pain and helps with sleep and calming effect in my body. That may allow you to feel rested enough to shower, and get through a productive day.


@far_cry0 is right, it should take about a month for the effects to kick in, it shouldn’t work that fast. I think you’re experiencing a placebo effect @jeroenp. If not, I hope it does a good job for you, CBD is very effective at large doses.


Yes, youre right, but i feel it helps with positive symptoms too
for full effect you need to wait atleast 4 weeks

and its no a placebo effect what im feeling i am in bad shape and now getting slowly better


I wholeheartedly believe cbd is a cure all. And I’ll never stop using it. If I could afford it I’d use daily. It’s illegal in Canada still so harder to come across other than large purchases online. I like the gummies the most. Because candy… :slight_smile:


How can u be sure its without any thc though?


Because THC is extracted and then product is tested.

Marijuana is so complex now it really blows my mind the things the cannibis plant is used for now.


I thought they could obtain it from hemp plants that do not have thc.


with who? :frowning: ff


I mean consume it to a month or two and update…


Dont take it seriously… if u are well fuctioning make some girl friend… love heals some…!!! Haha

Take care and have a nice day…??


Hemp has low amounts of thc. I tried hemp oil with a ratio of 26mg cbd/1mg thc and it would make me paranoid.


GentleSoul, this contains no THC at al not even 0.00000000111111111 if you get it now?

otherwise i would not even consider trying and my psychiatrist too


I just upped my dose to 4 drops twice daily but its like 16 mg a day and for schizophrenia psychosis the correct dosage is starting from 40 mg --> 1000 mg wich is a whole bottle a day but i dont think it is needed


my depression is already less, and less paranoia im only taking it for 4 days!!

time will tell i have nothing else to add right now just reporting in


To treat schizophrenia: 40mg to 1000mg daily.


that is correct


Oh my apologies, you posted that earlier, I didn’t catch that post.

Wish you luck ! Keep us updated please.


no apology needed, i wish we never ever had to deal with this mess in the first place im just looking for solutions on the safer side :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification.
I guess a patient would need to be very careful what they buy.


What about your cognitive functions? Are u any better?