Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


if you have a severe case of cognitive and negative symptoms as we know you have too, you can try


yea me too what about ITI007 is it also a FAIL!!!


No may be 1 year in U.S …!!! It hasnt failed…!!! It will have less side effect…!!! May work for negative symptoms…!!


Just to be sure. Are u stopping this experiment or are u gonna lower cbd dosage?


lower to 4 drops twice I was okay


hi all heres a small update, i went to therapy today and i can feel the effects of short term exposure to higher dosage of CBD, its working on negative symptoms and less paranoia, for moment i call this a success i am starting to feel more normal, i should talk to my pdoc asap

so good news!! and no placebo effect after all


CBD took my out of a deep clinical depression my diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia unfortunatelly but im getting better :slight_smile:


Yes good going…!!!


its not lie, its lessen my symptoms negative and cognitive and positive paranoia too
feeling better already is great man, if i have some money soon ill send a cibdol bottle for you my friend

what med are you on right now just asking


I am in rispridal and seroquel 3mg and 25mg…

I am soon going to cut my rispredal to 2mg…!!

First take care of urself then think other…

U are my good friend in this site jeroen…


yes you are my real friend here too @far_cry0 and willy G too

good friends :slight_smile:


Did u end up lowering ur dosage? How much are u taking?


4 drops twice daily and yes i lowered to a tolerable dose atm


Id be careful sending CBD to Nepal it might be still illegal there.


I tried CBD a few years ago, and it was beneficial as far as i could tell. The problem was it was such a light dose, and it’s so expensive or at least it was too expensive. It was priced far more than the value of gold.

It had an effect like “a clearing” or “a clarity” kind of effect instead of “lots of racket, intense and shifty emotions, “static.””

After testing it from an order on Amazon, I realized that for it to be any good I would need a 5g dosage. I was only working with 25mg. The price on a 5g dosage at the time would be thousands of dollars.


Personally after majoring in anthropology, observing many, many people both present and historically, testing my own mind’s parameters, I have seen a pattern that is intriguing.

It seems to me that simply a concrete, factual, hard logic perception of oneself especially the mind in truth not fiction is the most beneficial to the patient and the typical person without any disorders.

I have seen stats, and they show that most people that take the pills do not get better, but there are many that do actually get better.

After charting out my own past and looking into other people as an amateur “crack anthropologist,” I see that the pills will help to a degree, but it’s really the information that helps most of all.

The test to find out if I’m right is to administer the pills without the patients knowing it to find out if they improve. Another test would be to give a mild placebo that has some effect perhaps like a CBD pill, and just keep the person talking and learning about the mind, the mental interiority, logic, philosophy, sociality, introspection, more and more language, social introspection, and see if there person improves.


hi all, im upping my dose to 40 mg a day, i noticed im getting better, ill give an update in a week

@DMAdataANDmoodanalysis thanks for sharing your story :slight_smile:


I found this very interesting article about 80% improvement, i am wondering if im on the right CBD, i do feel improvement at 40 mg of Cibdol but i just got there only 1 day


@far_cry0 80% improvement in cognitive and negative and positive symptoms is a lot right?


Ohhhh!!! you’re talking about “rick simpson oil” or that’s what we call it here in the USA, or the term I’m most familiar with. That is very potent medicine my friend! Be careful.
Only difference between that and your everyday CBD infused oils or waxes, is that true rick simpson oil does not contain THC, which would be the main compound of marijuana which gives a psychotropic like effect. You will not get stoned on pure CBD oil, but it is very beneficial to those suffering many disorders and diseases.