Going to start CBD therapy for severe schizophrenia


Jeroen do u take oil with water… or u just take directly to ur mouth…!!!


under the tongue for a minute then swallow


Okay man see it in long run … keep us updated…


Now, I take a 15 mg CBD oil capsule every am. I upped the dose because the 10 mg wasn’t holding me for the whole day.


Could have been too low a dose. I know of a fair amount of studies that showed positive results but used at least 800 mg or so of cbd which the study you cited mentions itself. The study was also done with already stable patients, so it could be implied that cbd worked as well as the meds that got the patients stable. Which it is safe to assume the majority of those stable patients were previously on other medications



How much is the CBD costing you?


prices here www (dot) cibdol (dot) com I don’t work for them but you can check it here its the oil 4% CBD


I’m at 36 mg tomorrow 40 mg the schizophrenia dosage - upto 1000 mg


I smoke cbd in my electronic cigarette. It’s calm.


Are u gonna start lowering meds when u hit 40mg? I am really interested to try it out for sleep.


Why did u buy the 4% and not the 10% bottle?


You need to start slow 10% is already a higher dose I will buy it next time


At your current dose, is it costing 90 Euro’s a month?


Not so expensive…!!! Right @jeroenp


I think it is expensive


Hi an update at first i taught it was working, for a few days after 2 weeks then i taught i needed to up my dosage and now i have cramps in my eyes that have gotten worse from the TD of the geodon

i was fine at 4 drops twice but if i went higher the problems went more intense
i lost weight that is a good thing, my depression is less but not gone, psychosis not gotten worse, but anxiety is even with my normal benzo clonazepam dosing, so another failiure?

Im going hardcore now for doxycycline, minocycline 50 mg took all my symptoms away i ■■■■■■■ nuked my negative, schizo, positive symptoms and felt normal again

dont be disencouraged people, it might work for you better, i think i have a lyme co infection, because i respond to certain anti biotics and NOT supplements (Sarcosine was good tho its the only good thing)

I wanna nuke this thing and get my life back even with a pro biotic and doxycycline

Thats my end evaluation.

Its working for depression that is true… eliminate negative symptoms psychosis --> not strong enough


Atleast u tried…!!! Should i buy it
What do u suggest…???


i dont know at this point far_cry0 i think it helps with some negative and positive symptoms but its not strong enough

and even if i would take 1000 mg i would freak out because now im at 40 mg freaking out


Okay thanks man…!!! I am still waiting for better medication for negative and cognitive symptoms…!!!