Going to speak to people on campus about sz today!

With me luck and pray that the stupid questions be at a minimum!!!


Good luck u are brave

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Good luck then.

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Good luck!!!

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Good luck! If I know students like I think I do, there will be some stupid questions lol. Well, maybe not, depends on how knowledgeable they already are. Is it an abnormal psych class?

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Good luck to you @Sharp! :slight_smile:

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Luck sharp to you good

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Oh that reminds me of when I was that schizo everyone knew was also a BAMF brainiac maniac. Oh wait. Still am.

Looking to be a hermit for a while so I can cope again. Its tough being that guy everyone stares at. I stand out in a crowd, I look like male Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Doesnt help when peoole realize I am smart like her as well. I actually ruined being normal when I won a lot of awards. Now faculty know me. Oh well, into hiding and then back to get my second degree. I was in grad school for a Psy D, then I changed my mind to PhD, then right when I had that lined up, I realized that for my goals, I need to earn an MD.

Now that accelerated psychology BA with thesis and stuff is useless! I wont become a psychologist- I want to run a clinic, not just charge 150$ an hour to speak with me. Jesus. I at least wanna write you up some meds and hey while I am at it, research your brain as well as my own.

I am saving my advocacy for when I can just doctor order haters to shut up.