Going to self harm

Call me an attention seeker if you want, alien99
I’m so sick of being falsely labeled as mentally ill and I only came to look for a confirmation that I’m not

I’m on an Abilify shot because some doctor thought I wasn’t taking my meds :confused:

I’m having trouble figuring out what kind of attention you’re seeking.

YOu’re on a forum for people with psychosis, so clearly some part of you know something is wrong with you. Yet you deny having anything to do with psychosis, and at the same time, keep making threads like “I’m being poisoned”.

When we tell you you’re sick, you get upset, but you’re on a forum for sick people.
You ask about meds then turn around and want nothing to do with them before giving them proper time to work.

Are you wanting us to say “You’re completely normal, go about your day and quit the meds”?

Because you are not normal. Normal people don’t go to psych wards and take antipsychotics. There’s nothing wrong with being abnormal, and you need to let go of that pride telling you a diagnosis means you’ve failed as a person.

Doctors have 8-10 years of experience and training before they’re even allowed to be real doctors. You’re what, 17? Maybe you need to realise the doctors see something you’re not trained / experienced enough to see, and that you need treatment before it gets worse.


Please do not do anything silly. Said punter is sitting on the sidelines and it was inappropriate.

I’m going to do something i’m so anxious aaaaa

I’m not seeking attention really I’m trying to seek advice for my situation of being falsely labeled as psychotic
I tried antipsychiatry forums but even they said I was delusional so I don’t know what to do anymore ;(

@Crystal-Cotton Please stop. Take some perspective and move forward. Please desist from further postings for tonight. I have little time and again my apologies.