Going to see psychiatrist on the 6th

I wonder what he would think if I said hey and his first name

Diagnose you with 12 different things, and prescribe several medications from each class, all at max dosage :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

Lol just be honest, they need to know what you are thinking and experiencing. They know their stuff. Well, mine does. I think they all should.

But yeah, just tell psychiatrists the truth. If you are hearing things, tell them, if you are thinking things that other people say are crazy ideas, tell them. Mine is so used to me I just come in and report and he refills scripts and I know very well what the plan is for if I get worse. Clorazil is the next thing he has in mind. Ugh, I hope my Geodon keeps me functioning.

Great effective med, but I would think that taking Clozaril would get in the way of your active lifestyle - its very sedating and a big weight gaining drug

Yep, that’s an issue. It’s just the “all hope is gone” plan for if I just lose it. So far Geodon in still working pretty well, not as well as it did, but well enough.

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