Going to see a psychologist

I made a post about a month ago about stress and how I don’t recognise it when I’m in it until it starts affecting me. Which is probably pretty usual. But that I’ve started literally pulling out my hair.

I spoke to my psychiatrist about seeing a psychologist and he referred me straight away to one in his clinic who he thinks will be well suited to me. As a back up I also got a mental health care plan referral from my GP so I can claim some of the expense back from medicare.

Well the clinic called when we were away in QLD and I couldn’t take the call at the time so I called them on the next business day which happened to be the day we got back into town. They made an appointment for me on the 31st July. I just have to bring my GP referral with me so I can claim back from medicare.

I was talking to my mother in law about it yesterday and she told me that her daughter has a CBT workbook that I might be able to borrow. She raised an interesting point with me. She said that because I’ve had no real trauma in my life, I wouldn’t be aware of triggers but that I obviously still have them because I’m pulling out my hair. We agreed that a psychologist should be able to help me discover what those triggers are and with (hopefully) CBT, I will build a toolkit on how to deal with those triggers.

See I find it interesting because my pdoc has given me a great grounding technique to use when I’m hallucinating or focused on paranoia or delusions. But because I don’t recognise stress, I don’t use that technique very often (fyi, with meds and routine I’m symptom free for the past three or four months). But if the stress builds, it upsets the schizophrenia and sets me off. So to me, although the grounding technique is great and works for me, I would rather be in a position where I’m using it or a different tool when I don’t feel I need it (when stress is building silently), to avoid going through seeing things or believing things that aren’t real.

Do you get what I’m saying? I’m not sure if I’m being clear.

So anyway, just a little post from me to say cheers to a new life starting on 31 July!

Do you see a psychologist? Do you get CBT training or is it talk therapy? What do you find works for you?

Thanks for reading!


Wow! I’m living in Canada (province of Québec) and I think that if I ask to see a psychologist, I will be on a waiting list for at least 6 months!!!

But I’m happy for you. Good luck to you with this!


I’m lucky to have a good support network, but I don’t have a psychologist. Hope it works for you, @anon84763962!


Wow @anubis six months is a long time to wait if you need help! There must be a supply and demand issue in Quebec. Thanks for the well wishes! It means a lot to me.

Hi @Mim130 I’m very lucky to have the support network I have too, I account a lot of my recovery to the people I’m surrounded by. Thanks for replying Mim!

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In fact you’re on a waiting list only if you want the government to pay for you. You can still see a private psychologist and you’ll be able to see her/him right away but you will have to pay at least 80$ each meeting. :unamused:

Also, if your psychiatrist think that it is urgent, you will not have to wait, but this will need to be really an emergency!


I don’t use CBT any more. Don’t need it. I just use my coping skills and those are enough to keep me well, along with my meds.

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Sounds like a great idea turtle.

I agree that you’re lucky you have such a good support network.

Stress hangs over me like the sword of damocles. I know it’s going to get me one day. My technique is just to avoid it. Which may not be the best plan. :confused:


@anon84763962 thank you for your post. It made me realize that I can’t tell where my stress level is until it’s too late. So I should find a way, like you, too nip it in the bud.


My wife has anxiety and used to take meds but now just sees a psych for CBT and I think it helps. I try to help her with her anxiety too. My psychiatrist sees me for an hour and I talk to him but he doesn’t do CBT. Your anxiety might be stress related. Do you have a preference for CBT over meds?

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I don’t have a preference. I need meds right now. I’ve talked to my pdoc about reducing my meds but he isn’t happy to do that until I’ve had 9 - 12 months symptom free and I totally get that, I’m on side with that plan.

I sort of think CBT would be like a booster to meds.

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Hi @anon84763962

I’ve heard nothing but good things about CBT. I hope it helps. I don’t have a psychologist, but I entertain the idea of getting a CBT workbook. They’re just very expensive on the U.S.'s Amazon.

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I let stress build up until it is too late and then I get into symptoms. I use Abraham Low’s CBT called Recovery International. It is helpful and I have been trained in it so I have the tools when I need them. You have to be able to remove yourself from the stressful situation and " be objective to take the danger out of feelings." I need to stop whatever I am doing that is causing the stress and look at it objectively, even if it is just for a few moments…Yesterday I got into a vicious circle with my thinking and lost control of it for the afternoon and the evening, all because I took on more stress than I could handle. I’m 75 and unable to handle some things physically. I imagine the stress is physical and leads to a deterioration in my thinking and eventual loss of control. Words lose all their meaning.
Endorse yourself for handling your situation with the psychologist well. Endorse yourself for expressing your thoughts clearly.

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