Going to see a psychologist - advice please

Hi everyone, I am going to see a psychologist for the first time & I was wondering whether you had any tips re: conversation. I have been seeing my pdoc & pnurse for 9 years since diagnosis. I’m a little nervous. More anxious really. Thank you for any advice.

The only psychiatrist I had I didn’t like him much. I don’t think he liked me. Shop for alternatives. If you get a pdco you don’t think can help you, shop for alternatives. Therapists can be expensive. Make sure you get your money’s worth.

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First sessions usually a lot of questions by the therapist. Just try and relax and answer what you can. Most of it’s just to get a little of your background.

Your doctor will probably want to get some backround, but you can also write some things down to ask for yourself.
Hope you have a good experience!

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I hope it goes well for you tomorrow, maybe it will be a female, they seem to be a little easier to talk to. just relax and be yourself, and if you d not feel comfortable, you can always cut the session short, and look for a new therapist. Most often, they try to get to know your background, so they get an idea of your childhood, to see if you have PTSD, and they want to ee hoe open you are about your past. Good luck tomorrow and I am sure it will go fine.

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I agree with you Kitty - I prefer female mental health professionals over males, I find that females are easier to deal with

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It will be a female psychologist - thank you Kittycat

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Depending on the therapist, I find first sessions a little like being on a first date. Everyone’s being a little formal and polite, and there’s a lot of exposition. It helps to have your story straight, and think about what you want to get out of this potential relationship. And it if you can, find a way to break the ice and release the tension.

But unlike a first date, you can’t really get it very wrong. With a therapist, there’s almost aways a next date and you set the time at the end of the session. Remember that you are the one who’s really in control, and it’s usually you who ends up saying goodbye and not the therapist.

I had a horrendous first session with my current therapist. I was late, I got lost and was hot, sweaty, disheveled and nervous because of this. After a while, I calmed down and everything worked out. Therapists have pretty much seen it all, so they are pretty tolerant and forgiving-- thankfully.

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Hopefully your therapist is nice and you like them! If you do, conversation should flow easily. They’ll just ask you about what’s troubling you and then try to offer advice and solutions for things. It can be incredibly helpful for changing negative thought processes you have, and for me at least it helps a lot to talk about what I’m going through to someone. Just be honest with them about things, or they can’t help!

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