Going to LUSH tomorrow

Me and mum are going into the city tomorrow to do some shopping!
I’m going to go to LUSH and get myself a bath bomb as a treat.

But what shall I get… I usually get intergalactic which sends your bath the colour of the sky at night with glitter but the glitter annoys me.

There’s one called metamorphosis which turns your bath black :heart_eyes: Think that will be cool.

Or the butterbomb which moisturises the skin and is kinda milky

I dunno, there’s loads to pick from but I’ll post a pic of my final decision and honestly I don’t know why I’m making such a fuss of bath bombs but I’m bored :joy:

Also do they have LUSH in the USA or other countries?


Never heard of it. Hows your baby btw?

@Jonnybegood oh man you’re missing out then! He’s all good, not long till I meet him now :heart_eyes: I’m very excited, 9 days!


Ahhhh 9 days? That’s earlier than expected I think because then he might be a virgo not a libra!

9 days!! Ahhh you’ve just given me something to do, haven’t looked at the traits for virgos :see_no_evil:

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They’re neat and tidy!!! Won’t have to ask him to clean his room so often :wink:

I’m a libra - born on the cusp.

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Your birthday soon then!

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Ha get in, hopefully this is true and he doesn’t take after me because I’m a messy person :joy:

@Jimbob what are your main traits ?

I’m Aries and stubborn as :joy:


Totally! It is my youngest sisters today (she is two years older than me).

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I think I am thoughtful. A mediator. Don’t know if these are libra traits.

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I love :heart:️ Lush.

I use there shampoo (Big).
Not always but when I feel I can afford it.

They stand for good things too I think.
Sustainablility , etc

Enjoy that bath yo!!!

And hope you had a nice day with your Mother.

It’s very expensive but so worth it! :slight_smile:

I have a rose jam shampoo bar that’s lasted since Christmas and I love their bath bombs for the odd treat.

Yeah and they are against animal testing and actively campaign against it, there a wholesome company :smiley:

Thanks Zilija :slight_smile:️ It’s to have a pamper day before my baby comes! :slight_smile:

There is a LUSH pretty close to where I live,

Nerdy fact about me:

I have a lot of skin allergies,

So I cant let that stuff anywhere near me.

Bath and Body Works was all the rage when I was middle school-high school age and I couldn’t even touch it!

I had to make all my skin products,

And now even that is in trend.


That sucks, can you not go in and ask for anything hypoallergenic?!

Although I bet making your own stuff could be fun!

I’m sure they have some stuff that may work for me,

But I have a strong allergy to an almost universal skin care ingredient,

And I’m just unwilling to take the risk.

Making your own skin care stuff can be fun if you want to really invest.

For a few years I got pretty advanced and thought about trying to market some products,

But then this whole small batch, all natural skin care thing became popular and it didn’t feel special anymore.

So, yes I enjoy it, however, sometimes I’m lazy and wish I could just buy some normal skincare crap.

What’s your ingredient? I can’t do sulfates, it causes my skin to burn right off.