Going to Hospital today

I’m glad you’re in a safe place @unbe. Take care.

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Oh man. That’s tough. Try to hang in there and keep trying the meds until you find what works for you.

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Do they have puzzles at your hospital? I used to do them a lot when I was in there, it helped mellow me out. Also it wasn’t to hard to do while on meds, reading was out of the question.

Man, I’ve been getting worse in here. They have been trying everything with meds. Last night I’m convinced aliens came into my room and stabbed me in the stomach.
So tonight I am not going to sleep and have my door barricaded with my bag, so I can hear them come in.

Are you letting your pdoc know that you’re feeling worse?

Let your doctor know you can’t sleep because you think the aliens will get you in the night. They might review your medication so you can get better sleep. Sleep is very important for people like us.

I spoke to my pdoc today and he upped my Ap, I got an hour’s sleep this morning. Feel better now

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