Going to go see a movie

I’m going to go see a movie tonight but I can’t decided between the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey and the new Bad Boys movie. What do you guys think I should go watch?

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Maybe bad boys instead ?

The cheapest. And bring your own candy and snacks. Theaters nowadays want you to sign over your 401k and your first born son for a Snickers or a Three Musketeers bar.

I just wish I had the concentration to watch any movie. Lucky you, @Hanna_Foxx

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They’re the same price

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I’m a Harley Quinn fan, but yeah, Birds of Prey’s trailers just don’t look good. Really sad about that. I’ll rent it at Redbox instead.

And I don’t like the Bad Boys franchise, dunno, Martin Lawrence just isn’t funny to me. But neither is Eddie Murphy.

But whatever you choose have fun!

I didn’t end up going tonight because no one I knew could come. But my coworker is going to come with me tomorrow to see the Harley Quinn movie so that will be fun!

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