Going to be seeing a new therapist


How important do you all find talk therapy to be? I’m not sure how many of you remember my story of how I lost my job while in the hospital back in July and I had to move back across the country to my hometown to live with family. Anyway I haven’t been going to therapy since I returned home since money has been so tight and I do not have health insurance coverage anymore since I moved states and no longer qualify for medicaid assistance. Recently a lot of the intrusive thoughts about suicide and self harm have come back, upon calling the suicide hotline they gave me the number of a place that offers therapy and consoling on a sliding scale. Long story short I’m starting over with a new therapist this coming Wednesday. I’m really nervous and unsettled about the whole ordeal but I feel that therapy along with my medication is necessary if I’m going to be able to keep functioning. I already feel like things are starting on a downward spiral. I was hoping the lamictal would keep my depression from getting too far out of hand this time but I guess I’m just waiting and hoping that’s the case. In the mean time, I’m starting therapy again.


Good luck with therapy.
It’s a good idea!


I find therapy helpful. If nothing else, it’s great to have that extra support. I hope they can help with your intrusive thoughts. Good luck!


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